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Not Another Youth Conference, #coveredincrisis

The last two weeks for me have been quite hectic with midterms and due dates but in the midst of all of this I was able to attend a virtual youth conference hosted by Church of God of Prohphecy’s National Youth Ministry under the leadership of Minister Jason and Brandira Woodside. If you didn't know... Continue Reading →

20 Morning Affirmations

I have found that the perfect way to start the day is with gratitude, good music, talking with God and speaking positivity over one’s self. You are the author and director of your story. Below are a few affirmations to get your day started and jumpstart the creative flow to writing your future. 🌻💛 Xoxo... Continue Reading →

Be Still

I entered the year proclaiming it would be my best year yet and despite the present circumstances I remain confident. Though chaos surrounds me, I will be Still and know that He is God.

Blessing the Blog

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for placing the idea of creating this blog inside of me. I ask that You would be in the midst of every post and for each post that goes forth dear God I pray that at least one person would be touched. I pray that not only would they see... Continue Reading →

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